Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review: Where Do Pants Go? by Rebecca Van Slyke

by Rebecca Van Slyke
Illustrated by Chris Robertson
Sterling Children's Books
Picture Book
ages 0+
40 pages

Where do pants go? Do they go on your head? Do they go on your neck? No!  This humorous story shows kids how to put on their clothes—from the underwear on their bottoms to the hats on their heads and everything in between. But sometimes getting dressed doesn’t happen without a few fun missteps! These adorable toddlers and their trusty dogs are sure to tickle every young reader . . . from their funny bones to the bottoms of their soles. 


Getting dressed isn't that easy. So many holes. So many possibilities! No worries with this book because with a few instructions and even more giggles, those pants get on exactly how they should.

This book immediately puts a smile on the face. From underwear to pants, socks to hat, every piece of clothing is experimented with until it finally finds its correct spot. Of course, the mishaps add the right amount of humor to guarantee kids will want to read through it again and again.

The entire thing follows a rhythm and a type of build-up scheme. After one piece of clothing is introduced and successfully put on, the next follows and each time, at the end, the earlier pieces of clothes are added on to a verse so nothing's forgotten.

The illustrations are adorable and simple. The characters offer a lovely diversity of children, each beaming with happiness. To add to all of the sweetness, a little dog bounces around each child. These are definitely pictures that can be looked through again and again.

Summed up, this is a wonderful book to get those youngest readers on the right path to getting themselves dressed. It's a little too simple for anyone over four, but even they would still smile at the silly ways clothes might be worn.

And here they are. . .


Rebecca writes picture books, easy readers, nonfiction, middle grade fiction, and poetry. She is the author of Mom School (Random House/Doubleday), and forthcoming picture books Dad School (Random House/Doubleday) and Lexie, the The Word Wrangler (Penguin), due in 2017. Rebecca is a second-grade teacher in Lynden, WA, where she lives with her family. You can find ehr on Facebook or at


Chris is an author-illustrator from Pasadena, CA. His most recent books are Giraffes Ruin Everything, written by Heidi Schulz (Bloomsbury), Harry and the Hot Lava (Xist Publishing), My Yellow Umbrella (Xist Publishing), I'll Trade My Peanut-Butter Sandwich (Kite Readers), and Little Miss Liberty (Chronicle Books).