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Withhold by Andrea Pearson with Giveaway


by Andrea Pearson

Mosaic Chronicles, #9
Publication date: July 18th 2017
YA/NA Fantasy

With the lives of everyone she holds dear at stake, will Nicole be able to do what it takes to stop the evil surrounding her?
In the ultimate battle between good and evil, Nicole is in a race to stop Keitus before he achieves his plans. If he succeeds, he will crush everyone who has opposed him and enslave Earth and countless other planets. Unfortunately, he is only minutes away from his goal.
With so much at stake, Nicole and her friends must approach Helen, a volatile and dangerous spirit who will probably destroy them regardless of whether she gives them what they want. And the chances of her helping them are slim.
Fast-paced and epic magical fights, exciting plot twists, and non-stop action and adventure await. So sit down, buckle up, and hold on for the explosive, much-anticipated conclusion to the award-winning and bestselling Mosaic Chronicles.

 (Book 1)

Nicole put her stuff down, not wanting anything to be in her hands when she picked up the disgusting book. She reached for it, but hesitated. Already, she could sense warmth coming from the leather cover, and she wasn’t even touching it. Its magical pulses were different from the other items—they seemed to drip off the book like sweat.
Nicole hesitated, but wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t as if something bad would happen, right? She took a deep breath and placed her hands on the book. It shivered under her touch and she cringed, pulling back. The sensation of warm leather made her flesh crawl, and she rubbed her hands and arms on her jeans, trying to get the feeling to go away.
Come on, Nicole. Don’t wimp out.
Without letting herself think about it, she picked up the book and lifted the cover.
A wind rushed over her, blowing her hair back, roaring in her ears. She caught a brief whiff of tobacco smoke before the surge of air reversed and sucked the breath out of her lungs, making her gasp.
The floor under her quaked. The book vibrated. The leather on the cover moved, muscles beneath it flexing. Nicole tried to drop the book, but couldn’t. She was unable to control her hands or fingers. They clenched so tightly, they ached. A shadow covered the pages of the book, preventing her from reading.
What was going on? She gasped again, trying to breathe against the strong wind. She felt someone touch her shoulder, but she couldn’t move. Her fingers still clung to the book. The shadow on the pages shifted, roiled, and turned toward her, the brief outline of a face visible. It watched her for several moments.
Nicole . . .
The voice was soft, deep. A strange yearning inside her made her want to read the book, to understand. To join the owner of the voice, though she didn’t know where or what he was.
The wind slowed to a gentle and familiar caress across her cheek. Familiar?
Then suddenly, it all stopped. The book fell from her hands and slammed itself shut. She backed away, her arms, legs—everything—shaking.
“What happened?” Professor Coolidge asked next to her, making her jump.
“I—I don’t know.” Nicole tried to smooth her hair, but her hands shook too much. She tucked them under her arms. “It said my name . . . and there was a shadow. In-inside it.”
Coolidge lifted the leather book. His mouth popped open in surprise. “You’ve activated a force within it—something alive.” He looked at her, fear and worry on his face. “How did you do that?”
Nicole shook her head. “I don’t know,” she repeated.
Professor Coolidge put the book back on the table. “I’m not sure what to say, other than the book is much more powerful than it used to be.” He peered at her, scrutinizing her. “And I’d love to know why it called to you, why you woke it up, when so many others have not.”

 And here she is. . .

Andrea Pearson is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast who plays several instruments, not including the banjo, and loves putting together musical arrangements. Her favorite sports are basketball and football, though several knee surgeries and incurably awful coordination prevent her from playing them.
Andrea graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of science degree in Communications Disorders. She is the author of many full-length novels (the Kilenya Series and Mosaic Chronicles) and several novellas. Writing is the chocolate of her life - it is, in fact, the only thing she ever craves. Being with her family and close friends is where she's happiest, and she loves thunderstorms, the ocean, hiking, public speaking, painting, and traveling. 


Caged Trilogy by H.G. Lynch

H.G. Lynch
Publication date: March 19th 2015
YA Paranormal, Romance

Tilly is a witch…at least, she thinks she is. All she really knows is that she has powers she shouldn’t, and that the cruel women she escaped from – who definitely are witches – will stop at nothing to make her their
prisoner again because of those powers.
But Tilly has fallen in with a strange group – a pack of werewolves. The pack wants to protect her; none of them more so than Dominic, the alpha’s kind-hearted son. Tilly thinks she might be falling for him, but she can’t help being fascinated by his brooding, mysterious half-brother Spencer.
Caught between the two, Tilly isn’t sure anymore what she’s most scared of: the witches hunting her down, or her own heart betraying her.

H.G. Lynch
Publication date: March 19th 2016
YA Paranormal, Romance

Tilly and Dominic are prisoners of the witches, and Spencer will do anything to rescue them, even as his dreaded wedding day gets nearer.
What he doesn't know, is there's a traitor in their midst, and she's determined to make him hers.
With her eighteenth birthday approaching, Tilly is in serious danger of becoming host to a demon, while Dominic suffers every time she leaves his side.
Time is running out for all of them, and the only way any of them will make it is if they fight.

H.G. Lynch
Publication date: July 19th 2017
YA Paranormal, Romance

Having left the pack behind, Tilly and Spencer, along with Desmond and his boyfriend, must seek new territory and a new home. With Halloween fast approaching, the certainty that Arakael would return on the night that the veil between worlds is thinnest looms in all of their minds. Tilly struggles with her new lycanthropy, and discovers more about herself and her family than she ever wanted to know. With secrets being revealed and relationships tested, they're going to have to come together to survive their biggest battle yet.

And here she is. . .

H.G. Lynch is a Paranormal Romance author from Scotland. She is an avid reader, and cat-lover. She spends most of her days writing, while wrestling her cat off her laptop. She loves horse-riding, Star Trek, and snow.
Her books are dark paranormal romances. 


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Sneak Peek: The Shield by CJ Bentley

The Finder Series, Book One
by C.J. Bentley
Clink Street Publishing
Middle Grade Time Travel
101 pages

People lose their belongings. That is a fact of life. It can happen by accident, but sometimes it can happen when you put them in a very safe place and forget where that safe place is. Not many people are good at finding them again.
A young, gutsy girl with a kind heart, who's searching for her own identity growing up in the 1960s, just happens to be very good at finding things. Can she be the one to help return whatever is lost - anywhere and at any time - to its original owner?
With the help of a beautiful yet mysterious wise woman and a chivalrous knight she does just that. She finds and returns his shield, lost in battle, which unbeknown to her holds a secret that is important to his King, the safety of the Kingdom and the life of the daughter of his best friend.
The Shield is the first story in The Finder Series, taking our heroine on extraordinary journeys back in time. Her first adventure takes place in Medieval England in 1340 where she meets King Edward III, his wife Philippa and their son, who will later become the Black Prince.


When writing ‘The Shield’, a story about a young girl who with her friends finds a shield in one time and returns it to the owner in his, it was necessary to set the scene for the loss of Sir Kay’s shield, the prologue introduces us to the knight we come to know as Sir Kay and the setting for the loss of his shield.

He wondered if he was injured but that meant moving and he really didn’t want to move yet, maybe he could just lie here looking at the sky, but then he remembered. He had to move, had to complete his journey and his mission, his King and the future of his country depended upon the message he carried in his shield’s secret hiding place. 
Where was his shield? Sword?  Horse?
He cautiously moved his head to one side mentally noting his helmet was missing. 
He heard, as his senses recovered and then saw a stream, swollen with recent rains, as he moved his head to the other side it appeared to be all around him, it gurgled its way in its hurry to reach the river and then onwards to the sea. 
He moved one leg gently over the edge of the bank and into the water, as the water hit his foot the cold made him catch his breath but it had the desired effect of making him more alert. He didn’t seem to be injured, if he could only get his other leg over the bank he could launch himself upright, not an easy thing to do dressed in chain mail armour but he needed the momentum, so it had to be done.  As he rolled onto his side to let his other leg fall into the stream he felt a sharp, stabbing pain.   He was injured.  He needed to move, to get to safety the villains may still be around. 
He knew who could help him but he had to find his horse to get to her, she was good with herbs and potions, better than any and she knew all about his mission so would heal him quickly to get him on his way to the King, oh, how he needed his horse, where was he?
Ignoring the pain as best he could, he rolled over and bent both his legs over the bank and using all of his remaining strength pushed himself into an upright position.  He was not on an island as first thought but facing the bank of an inlet of land pushing out into the water, a grassy bank covered with wild flowers and young trees with a scrubby planting of young hedge to one side. 
On a better day he would have chosen such a place to sleep in the dappled sunshine, it had a magic about it but now he needed to move and to find his horse quickly to get himself out of danger. 

Following the prologue we are introduced to the main character, a girl, she is living in the nineteen sixties aged ten years and four months and it is the start of the school summer holidays.  She is a girl who has a big heart and is loyal to her friends, she is searching for her own identity and changes her name on a regular basis something her parents show their love for her by treating it as just something she does.  Her older sister however just thinks it’s weird.  They decide to take a picnic and go fishing for small fish in the local stream and eventually find a shield in the silt at the bottom of the stream.  After discussions they decide to take it back to their street and as they are carrying it towards their street they see a strange sight…..

And here she is. . .

Originally heralding from the North of England, C.J Bentley has travelled extensively and enjoyed living in a variety of countries across the world from Dubai to Doha, Qatar and now the countryside in the South of France. A background in teaching and childcare she has always enjoyed creating adventure short stories. However, it was when she became a grandma and with her grandchildren growing up  that she discovered that books seemed to contain only stories of vampires, zombies and farts that she decided seriously to take matters into her own hands and put pen to paper which today she calls The Finder Series.

Twitter -

Cover Reveal: Taming the Rebel by Dawn Klehr

Taming the Rebel 
by Dawn Klehr
Endless Summer
Entangled Crush
YA Romance

AUGUSt 14th, 2017!!!

Rebel Hart should be at home taking care of her father after his breakup with his boyfriend, not tromping through the woods at summer camp. He’s had his heart broken beyond repair, and the way she sees it, there’s only one person to blame—the boyfriend’s son. So when that infuriatingly gorgeous quarterback turns up at the same camp, she plans to make him pay.
Justice Brody isn’t happy about trading training camp for actual summer camp. But if he wants to stay on the football team, he has to show that he can be drama-free. He welcomes the anonymity that comes with summer camp…until he realizes the one girl who knows him better than anyone is there, too. Rebel is off-limits, impossibly beautiful…and trouble with a capital T. Still, he can’t stay away. And even as Rebel exacts her revenge, in several very embarrassing and painful ways, neither can she.

And here she is. . .

Dawn Klehr is the author of the young adult thrillers: The Cutting Room Floor and If You Wrong Us.
She began her career in TV news and though she’s been on both sides of the camera, she prefers to lurk behind the lens. Mostly, she loves to get lost in stories –in film, the theater, or on the page – and is a sucker for both the sinister and the sappy. She’s currently channeling her dark side as she works on her next book.
Dawn lives in the Twin Cities with her funny husband, adorable son, and naughty dog.


Sale: Sunder by Tara Brown


by Tara Brown
 YA Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR

Every town has its secrets. Secrets that hold it, and the people who live there, together.
When Liv Daniels moves to Wolfville, Maine with her father, she discovers the small town has more than its fair share.
But the quaint, coastal townsfolk aren't the only ones with secrets.
Liv has one too.
Hers is buried deep inside of her, where even she doesn't know it exists.
But someone does, and he's not going to give up until he breaks it free from her.
But how do you free someone from a secret they don't know they have?
What do you do when the person you're supposed to destroy becomes the one thing you can't live without?
Don't miss this suspenseful standalone YA romance!

I believe growing up in a really small town gives a person a little advantage when it comes to the imagination. You need one or you go mad.
Needless to say, mine saved me. After it got me into trouble first, that is. That's the problem with a vivid imagination, all the lies you tell.
I am happily married with two daughters.
I have two giant dogs, two savage cats, and a penchant for a glass of red.
Also, I drag my bread through the sauce. I can't help myself, bread is life.
According to my age, I am meant to be a responsible adult, but it isn't going well at all. I would still head off to Hogwarts tomorrow and I suspect there isn't a single wardrobe I haven't crept into, hoping to find the door to Narnia. And don't even get me started on the King's Road, I get lost.
Fortunately, I am an international bestseller so I have wormed my way into a quirky or eccentric category.
Thank God for that.
I am represented by Natalie Lakosil from the Bradford Literary Agency and am published traditionally with Montlake Romance.

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Review and Interview: Mango Delight by Fracaswell Hyman

by Fracaswell Hyman
Sterling Children's Books
June 6th, 2017
Middle Grade Contemporary
ages 9 to 13
224 pages

Mango is as delightful as her middle name indicates, and middle-grade readers will easily recognize their own experiences in her friendship struggles.

What happens when your BFF becomes your EFF . . . EX-Friend-Forever? When seventh-grader Mango Delight Fuller accidentally breaks her BFF Brooklyn’s new cell phone, her life falls apart. She loses her friends and her spot on the track team, and even costs her father his job as a chef. But Brooklyn’s planned revenge—sneakily signing up Mango to audition for the school musical—backfires when Mango not only wins the lead role, but becomes a YouTube sensation and attracts the attention of the school’s queen bee, Hailey Jo. Hailey Jo is from a VERY wealthy family, and expects everyone to do her bidding. Soon Mango finds herself forced to make tough choices about the kind of friend she wants to have . . . and, just as important, the kind of friend she wants to be.


This book hits the life of a twelve-year-old girl square on, letting friendship, betrayal, jealousy, first love and all other curves of life's roller coaster fly free in a lovely tale with a delightful girl.

Mango and her BFF, Brooklyn, are inseparable and fated to be. . .or so Mango believes. When, for the first time ever, Mango beats Brooklyn in the 400 yard dash and comes in 1st place, Brooklyn doesn't cheer for her. Instead, she convinces her mother to buy her a cell phone and slides her way into the snobby Hailey Jo crowd. Bad luck hits when Mango accidentally breaks Brook's cell phone, but this luck is about to turn around.

 Fracaswell Hyman does a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life. They are as natural as if they were walking down any middle school's hallways. Mango is sweet and has all the worries girls that age do, but she takes them on with a wonderful finesse. Not always without mistakes, but her attitude is an inspiration. Much of this also comes from her family, which is constantly supporting her even though they don't always agree with everything she does. Mango's parents listen and offer words of wisdom, and these words aren't only good for Mango to hear, but make the reader stop and think as well. It was refreshing to see such a healthy family balance, and how harmonizing doesn't always mean seeing things eye to eye.

A lot happens in this story, keeping the pace steady the entire way through. It was no problem to sit down with this and read it from beginning to end without once having the urge to set it down. There are serious moments, sad ones, shocking ones and a dash of humor and attitude to spice it up too. It's the kind of book readers (especially girls) ages 9 and up will be able relate with and see themselves in similar situations as they root for Mango the whole way through. And readers might even grab a bit of wisdom for their own lives along the way.


I'm so excited to share this with you! Fracaswell Hyman was kind enough to answer a few questions surrounding his book, his life and all sorts of good things in between. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his answers and hope you will too.

Thanks again, Fracaswell!
So, here we go. . .

I did a little bit of internet stalking and found a statement you wrote on your blog: "Writing was never meant to be a way of life for me." What did you hope would be your way of life, and how did you fall into writing?

I grew up dreaming of become an actor. As a child, television was my window on the world.The lives characters were living on my favorite shows were much more colorful, fun and exciting than mine. I studied theatre in college and spent many years on the road in regional productions, a few television and movie spots and working with improvising groups that dealt with kids. This is where my writing began. After years of studying and analyzing scripts, I found that I understood characters and story structure by osmosis. A producer saw a one act play I wrote to act in with a kid for The 52nd Street Project in New York City. She thought I had a good ear for dialogue and the way kids speak and that is how the door to writing opened for me.

Your career shot off in several directions; you've worked in television with a variety of shows and, now, as a novel writer. Is there one story/project that has been a bit more special to you than others?

I had a great time as head writer/executive producer of the live-action Nickelodeon sitcom, TAINA, which was created by my good friend, Maria Perez-Brown. I’ve always loved live action work, because it’s not lonely. Yes, you write alone, but then every week you gather with the cast and crew and put on a show. When you are lucky enough to work with people you love and you get to laugh all day, even in the midst of facing crushing deadlines and network notes, well…there is nothing better. Working on Taina is the experience I remember the fondest.

    It does sound like fun and a blessing to get to work like that! But you're right, the writing part is done alone. Or maybe not, if we count the characters in our heads. In your latest book, Mango Delight, you placed a cast of many delightful characters. I especially loved Mango's father's occasional words of wisdom - great stuff! Did you have someone like that in your life?

In most of the television shows I’ve written there has been an ideal dad. The dad that I’ve always dreamt of having. Not to put my dad down at all, but I realize that the dads in my shows and books take the time to really talk to their kids, play with them and enjoy being around them. That’s the kind of dad I aspire to be, the kind I wish I had. Don’t get me wrong, my father and I are fine now and over the years he has become the dad I wished I had in a lot of ways. The dads I create have huge shoes to fill for any man, but the dads in Mango Delight, Gullah Gullah Island, Jett Jackson and Little Bill are the ideal fathers in my mind.

What is your favorite part about writing? And what would you rather eat worms than do?

My favorite part of writing is when the story just flows and I follow the characters lead and get surprised by what they say or do. It’s incredible. My heartaches at times from the things I have to put my characters through, but that’s the job. Sometimes I leave my office elated, or in despair depending on what just happened while I was writing. I laugh along with my characters and cry along with them, too. It’s a very intense and wonderful process when it all comes together like that.

What would I rather eat worms than do? I’d rather eat worms than write non-fiction. That’s not fun for me at all. So…worms with a little salt & pepper and a glass of Merlot, I’ll take that.

Merlot. . .I hadn't thought of that, but it would fit. I've always wondered if deep frying might help them go down better. There would probably be nothing left but breading.
Many authors were avid readers during their childhood. What were you favorite books while growing up?

I believe I read all of The Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes. But above them all, there is a book called, The Learning Tree by writer/photographer/film director Gordon Parks that really spoke to me. It was about an African-American boy coming of age. I think it was the first book I read where the main character looked like me. It had a huge impact. It is the reason I believe we must have diverse books, so that children from all cultures can read about characters that look like them, speak like them, and share their specific experiences. I also believe we must encourage kids to read books about characters and cultures that are not their own, because it gives us an understanding of the “other” and how similar we all really are.

And that's exactly what you in Mango Delight. Loved it!
What book are you reading right now?

I’m performing in a play this summer, Two Trains Running, by August Wilson. So, I’m reading all ten of the plays he wrote. I’m loving “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer. My audiobook of the summer is, Born A Crime, by Trevor Noah, it’s fascinating, funny and heart wrenching.

I'm going to have to check those out, especially the audiobook.
When you aren’t writing or acting or script writing, what do you like to do (as if you could have much free time left)? 

I believe we are in the Platinum Age of television, so when I’m not writing, I am bingeing on Netflix, HBO and all the great shows that are coming at us so fast and furiously. From Game of Thrones to House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Orphan Black, I mean there are so many great shows out there it’s hard to keep up. So, yeah, I become quite the couch potato when I’m not writing. But don’t get me wrong, I go to the gym, too! While I’m on the elliptical for an hour and five minutes, I’m watching the shows I’ve downloaded to my iPad!

I balance my kindle on my treadmill...sometimes with books, other times with I understand that one.
What was your biggest wish as a child?

As a child, my biggest wish was to be able to fly. Of course, I’m deathly afraid of heights, but I always wanted to just be able to lift off from the ground to escape bullies, or stray dogs or avoid the NYC transit and get home where it was safe. You know, I think I should write about that…

I could see that. Maybe as a picture book? The crazy situations and amazing illustration possibilities will be following me for days now. So thumbs up on that idea!

Anyway, thanks a bunch for stopping by, and good luck with all everything you're up to and still have underway!

Who is Facaswell Hyman? 

Fracaswell "Cas" Hyman is an award-winning television writer (Humanitas Prize, Alma Award, Peabody Award) and screenwriter (UCLA extension best screenplay winner.) He is also a playwright, theater and television director, and producer who has created and executive produced successful live-action (The Famous Jett, Jackson, Romeo, Taina) and animated (Little Bill) television series for Disney and Nickelodeon. Cas lives in NC, and Mango Delight is his first novel. You can connect with Cas on Twitter @fracaswellhyman.

Happy Book Birthday, The Crossroads Official Coloring Book by Mary Ting

 Crossroads Saga
by Mary Ting
YA Fantasy
Illustrated by Arnild C. Aldepolla
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
***Based on a dream the author had in high school-chapter 1 & 2***

Protecting her from the Fallen was his duty. Falling in love was never part of his plan. Loving her was forbidden. Being with her was all that mattered, even if it meant he would be exiled for all eternity. Claudia Emerson's life is about to change when her good friend, who coincidentally shares the same first and last name, dies in a tragic accident. Distraught at the loss of her friend, Claudia's dreams become tumultuous, and through them she mysteriously travels to another world called Crossroads. There, she unexpectedly meets Michael, a nephilim--half angel, half human. Now that she's been there, Fallen and demons are after her, suspecting she must be special, and it is up to Michael and the other nephilim to protect her. Her dream becomes a nightmare as more secrets are revealed about who she really is, and the true identities of the people she loves most. Between (Book 2) Beyond (Book 3) Eternity (Book 4) Halo City (Novella Michael's Journey) Spin-off The Angel Knights (Prequel) The Chosen Knights (Book 1) The Blessed Knights (Book 2) The Sacred Knights (Book 3) Other YA books. From Gods From Deities From Origins From Titans

Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.

Author Links:
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